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All equipment is clean, sanitize (if appropriate) and rent ready. Rental rates are for a reasonable time period as described in your rental contract.
Security is your responsibility! Equipment must be protected from disappearance and weather related damage while in your possession.
Special containers are provided with some items to insure that your receive them in as near perfect condition as possible. Repack in containers as delivered.
In the event that an item you reserve becomes unavailable due to loss or damage prior to your rental, we will make every effort to substitute an item of equal or greater value after discussing the available alternatives with you.


Payment is taken at the time the reservation is place. For larger events over $500.00 a deposit of 25% (non refundable) of the total anticipated rental may be accepted to confirm a reservation and the balance is due 3weeks (22 days) prior to delivery. Remember, equipment availability is on a first come first served basis. If a product is unavailable, we will attempt to secure the item(s) from other vendors we have carefully screened for product. Additional charges will apply for this service. This is your assurance that the requested equipment will be available for your event.

Order Changes

It is not unusual for guest counts to change as the event date approaches. We encourage you to make a "best guess" estimate when placing your original reservation and adjustments as you become aware of the need. We will make every effort to accommodate those changes and simply request that final edits be made a minimum of five (5) working days before delivery. Once preparation has begun, changes will incur an additional charge.

Full Rack Orders

Small items, primarily plates & glasses, are packaged in racks of fixed quantities, ranging from 9 to 49 pieces per rack. Delivering partial racks presents a number of challenges to our team. We therefore request full rack multiples for most reservations.

Delivery and Pickup Service

Optional Delivery service is available on all orders regardless of size: charges will be determined by geographic location of event. You may request AM (8-12) or PM (12-4) delivery or pickup service. While we try to accommodate all requests, the frequently high volume of deliveries requires us to manage the order of our stops in such a way that we can serve all our customers in an efficient manner and at a reasonable cost. When we reach our expected capacity, we may need to deliver during the days preceding the requested time or pick up later than desired. Events that require exact time, after hours or same day round trip service may be charged additional fees.

Standard delivery/pickup charges are for tailgate delivery. Additional charges will apply if rental items must be taken to a different floor or if items must be carried long distances from truck. Customers may pickup and return most items to save delivery charges. Customers are asked to advise us, in advance, of any anticipated challenges so that we can budget the necessary time & labor to accomplish the job.

Set-up and Takedown

Setup and takedown services are available for an additional charge on most items. Examples of this may include Tents, dance floors, stages, tables & chairs. Arrangements for this service must be made in advance of delivery & pickup.

Loss or Damage

Responsibility for equipment remains with the renter from time of receipt to time of return.

Cleaning Etc

All items must come back clean & in working order. Dishes, glasses, flatware rinsed off and repacked in the same containers as delivered. Linens should be shaken out & dry. If they become wet while in your possession please allow them to air dry, they must never be washed or put in a heated dryer. Cleaning &/or repair fees will be accessed if equipment is not returned in good condition.

Rental Tip

Please be available to count all items upon delivery and pickup, Otherwise all counts will be considered accurate.


1. No Cooking is permitted in or under the tents. Cooking should be kept well away from the tent.

2. The use of colored crepe paper and other colored materials has a tendency to cause irremovable stains on tent. Under no circumstances should any colored material come in contact with our tents.

3. Do not staple, nail, pin, tape etc anything to the vinyl tent top or tent walls.

4. If you are providing your own method of lighting do not allow bare light bulbs to touch the vinyl - they will scorch or burn it.

5. When a tent is erected on asphalt, we can plug the holes for an additional expense but we do not warrant asphalt will be restored to original condition. The customer assumes all liability regarding the holes in their asphalt and agrees that we will be held harmless from any property damage or bodily injury.

6. We do not guarantee the tents to be absolutely waterproof.

7. There may be additional charge for service calls if they do not pertain to the initial installation.

8. Client is responsible for security of equipment from when we have finished installation until we return for take down.

9. Installation may take place several days before and/or removal several days after at a reasonable discretion.

10. In the event a customer cancels an order please note that the reservation deposit is non refundable.

11. If tables and chairs need to be set up & broken down we add additional charges. This service should be arranged well in advance. It is the customer's responsibility to place tables & chairs in the same manner as they were left upon delivery. Setting up of tables and chairs does not include shimming of legs or leveling of tables.

12. Please note that the due out and due in dates on the front of the contract for delivery orders in many instances will not be the actual dates of the delivery or pickup. These dates are necessary for computerized inventory control.

13. Customer is required to have all local companies mark off any underground utilities. This can be arranged by calling 1-800-DIG-SAFE. This service is free and requires at least 72 business hours notice Our longest stake is 42 inches in length.

14. In some cases we reserve the right to charge additional labor costs at a rate of $25.00 per man hour (or fraction thereof) for excessive delivery distances or circumstances. Ideal delivery conditions allow us to unload from the delivery truck within 25' to 50' of the installation site. Greater distances or steep inclines are examples of excessive distances or circumstances.

15. We prefer to have final counts on such items as tables, chairs dishes by the Thursday or Friday of the week prior to your event (8-9 days ahead). This helps us to plan more efficiently and reduces mistakes with last minute changes. We will work with the customer as best as we can with changes that are closer to the event (subject to availability).

16. If the customer has rented sidewalls for tent or canopy but has not had to attach them, we ask that the customer keep them in a dry sheltered location on their property.

17. Tents & Canopies are temporary structures and could possibly collapse during severe rain, snow or windstorm. Evacuation of tents and canopies in high winds, heavy renews or extreme lightning is recommended. The customer assumes all weather-related risks involved in holding an outdoor, tented event.

18. If a customer rents a dance floor, they assume any liability resulting from a wet/slippery dance floor.

19. We assume that we are installing the tent/canopy on a grass or dirt surface. If the tent/canopy is going over an asphalt or concrete surface the customer needs to notify us ahead of time so we can bring the appropriate installation equipment.

20. Please note that 10' needs to be added to the dimensions of the tent/canopy you are renting for staking/installation room For instance a 20' x 30' canopy will need to have 30' x 40' of open area to be installed in.

21. We are not responsible for any damage to irrigation lines, irrigation systems, pipe, electrical lines, or septic systems not clearly marked by the customer caused by trucks, tent erections or stakes.

22. Dance floors are installed directly on the surface beneath the tent, Wood blocks and shims are used to minimize unevenness and movement, but inevitably the dance floor will follow the contour of the ground.

23. We will supply electrical cords for up to 25' from the tent site to plug into power sources when we are installing lighting, heating or fans. We do not bury these cords or provide for overhead runs, they are laid along the ground. In the event these runs are in a traffic area, customer assumes all risk and liability associated with their use.

24. Customer is responsible for obtaining any and all permits that may be necessary.

Rental Tip

Please be available to count all items upon delivery and pickup, Otherwise all counts will be considered accurate.

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