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Ace Rental Center Tools and Equipment Rentals
Ace Rental Center Tools and Equipment Rentals Ace Rental Center Tools and Equipment Rentals Ace Rental Center Tools and Equipment Rentals

Welcome to Ace Rental Center Tool and Equipment Rentals!
As one of new Hampshire's largest tool and equipment rental providers, we are sure to have to right tool for the job. We supply rentals to both contractors and home owners. Our inventory can tackle projects including: construction, aerial, compaction, paving, concrete/masonry, demolition, excavating, pumping, welding, air compressors, debris clean-up, property maintenance, tree work, climate control, and site preparation. Feel free to contact us to check on our inventory or if you have any general questions about our tool and equipment rentals.

Why Rent from Us?

Ace rental Place takes pride in providing New Hampshire(NH), Vermont(VT), Massachusetts(MA), and Maine(ME) with high quality rentals that are all properly maintained. With qualified technicians on staff we maintain and fix all of our tools and equipment at or before ther recommended maintenance intervals. All rentals are cleaned after each time they are rented out.


Ace Rental Center can delivery any tool or piece of equipment you rent. An additional fee will apply and that amount will depend on the distance traveled for the delivery.

ACE RENTAL PLACE Compactor Rentals


ACE RENTAL PLACE Compressor and Generator Rentals

Compressors & Generators

ACE RENTAL PLACE Carpenter Tools Rentals

Carpenter Tools

ACE RENTAL PLACE Contractor Tool Rentals

Contractor Tools

ACE RENTAL PLACE Household Equipment Rentals

Household Equipment

ACE RENTAL PLACE Ladder and Scaffolding Rentals

Ladders & Scaffolding

ACE RENTAL PLACE Lawn and Garden Rentals

Contractor Tools

ACE RENTAL PLACE Lifts, Jacks and Hoists Rentals

Lifts, jacks & Hoists

ACE RENTAL PLACE Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Rentals

Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

ACE RENTAL PLACE Pump and Power Washer Rentals

Pumps & Power Washers

ACE RENTAL PLACE Tractor and Backhoe Rentals

Tractors & Backhoes

ACE RENTAL PLACE Winter Equipment Rentals

Winter Equipment

Our Inventory

Ace Rental Center has a wide range of tools and equipment in our inventory. Our inventory includes: aerial work platforms rentals, scissor lifts and boom lifts rentals, air compressors, tools & accessories rentals, augers and posthole diggers rentals, chain saw rentals, leaf-blower rentals, pole saw rentals, cut off machine rentals, concrete saw rentals, carpenter tool rentals, contractor tool rentals, compactor rentals, concrete tool and mixer rentals, cutter rentals, demolition hammer and tool rentals, dollies and material handling rentals, drills and bits rentals, fasteners rentals, fastening - air nailers and stapler rentals, forklift rentals, generator rentals, lighting and electrical rentals, Grinder and grinder supplies rentals, heater rentals, fan rentals, lawn garden rentals, mower and tiller rentals, material lit rentals, hoist and jack rentals, measuring locating and transits rentals, painting rentals, pressure washer rentals, ladder rentals, scaffolding rentals, plumbing equipment rentals, gas and electrical pump rentals, rug and floor care rentals, household rentals, sanders rentals, saw blade rentals, saw and woodworking rentals, tractor and excavator rentals, skid steer rentals, backhoe rentals, trailer and hitch rentals, dump trailer rentals, thaw zalls, vacuum and sweeper rentals, and welder rentals.

Phone: 603.352.6888 Fax: 603.352.5374

Monday - Friday 7am-5:00pm
Saturday 8am-12:00pm